Is that hard to develop your own products?

Don’t you want a outsource partner to solve the execution problem for developing &manufacturing customized marketing products? Isn’t that hard to reach out supplier contains a mature manufacturing system, fantastic product designation, smooth communication, and price differentiation? Time is money.

It’s hard to measure the success of a campaign when you are struggling with manufacturer supply chain problems. SD comes to save your precious time to smoothly manage all the sustainable sourcing, communication, and delivery part while ensuring everything is aligned with your marketing products goal.




Solution Overview

Today, the development of internationalization and digitalization puts higher requirements for B2B services than ever. Diversified sourcing solutions require a transparent process, speed respondents, and high-quality items. It includes planning, research and development, global supply chain management, and retail exhibition.


. . . . . . .

  • End-to-end campaign management
  • Order management
  • Multi-language customer service
  • Credit check for factory aboard.
  • Process management
ODM solution ODM Solution (2)



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  • Simplify the sourcing and procurement process.
  • Binding quality agreements and regular auditing and QC certification
  • Traceable manufacture and design process.
  • Assemble products and pop displays shelf directly represented in-store.
  • Multi-choices for company promotional items.

Find the right way to design your marketing gifts ideas.

SD Sourcing team corporates with Porsche and designs an umbrella as a branded marketing gift for their clients at an offline saloon. SD worked with our global vendors for this solution. The solution contains 16 umbrella bones instead of 12 bones, which provides a level 5 windproof and simple design perfectly fits with the Porsche branded image. Based on customer feedback, Porsche’s clients were satisfied with the promotional items, and sales increased.

As for Retailer's Clients:

SD Sourcing combined the sustainable & novelty product and standard store display shelf with offline marketing service to achieve a promotional turnkey program.

As for Brand Clients:

SD Sourcing supplied good promotional gifts with repackaging service to ensure everything fulfills brand value and the local market requirement.

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