How important is a total promotional display program for the retail industry?

Have you met a situation that promotional products package can’t fit into the local market? Sometimes a good package and pop display can’t bring back an appropriate ROI. In this situation, you need a professional team that can audit and redesign the package for you. SD has served 50+ brands and retailers in the past 20 years with display designation.

SD Sourcing local promotional products design team develop interactive, fascinating, and cost-effective pop displays design that fulfills the marketing goals and enhances your brand image.




Solution Overview

In the modern overcapacity, people have started to pay more attention to product packaging over product function itself. An excellent promoting product packaging and presentation can increase sales. At SD, we will bring our clients the most local and most appropriate design for the presentation scenario, ensuring it meets the brand concept and branded marketing.


. . . . . . .

  • Retail display design plan
  • Brand Sourcing Assistant
  • Work with professional product managers.
  • Localized designation and marketing product ideas.
Repackaging solution Repackaging solution (2)



. . . . . . .

  • Mature Manufacturing system with quality assurance.
  • Flexible response to customers’ demands.
  • Complete in-store product and promotional display assembling sets.
  • Combined display designation, including FSDU, PDQ, and innovative posm, etc.

Importance of Knowing Display Pallets Rules for Different Stores

Selling products in the retailer’s store sometime could be very difficult if you don’t know their display shelf rules. Anker and DJI are one of our customers who have trouble with their display shelves. To fulfill Costco’s display rule and brand promotional products image, SD separated checkout cards display and designed a pop display stand to represent their products. SD helps those brands save 30% cost on shipping and gain 3000000 dollars in sales.

As for Retailer's Clients:

SD Sourcing combined the sustainable & novelty product and standard store display shelf with offline marketing service to achieve a promotional turnkey program.

As for Brand Clients:

SD Sourcing supplied good promotional gifts with repackaging service to ensure everything fulfills brand value and the local market requirement.

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